2022 Alice Sinclair Writing Competition Shortlist

We are proud to announce the shortlisted participants of the Alice Sinclair Writing Competition.

This year we had a record 208 entries: 88 poetry and 120 stories.

Congratulations to the shortlisted authors, and thank you to everyone who entered the competition!

The names of the winners and the entries that will enter the anthology will be announced on 12 November. More details here.

Category A — Poetry

Agi Dobson, Epiphany

Amy Purton-Long, Night Features (forgive me)

Anna Rachel, Pomegranate

David Kelly, Ashmore Prophets

Gideon McDonald, Between the Speckled Lights

Ian Reid, The Great Seal

Irina Frolova, To the Sun

Janice Williams, Boy with a Trumpet

Jasmyne Ramos, Winter High

Kate Maxwell, Let There be a Firmament

Kathryn Fry, Antidote

Kathryn Fry, The Old Sand Mining Site

Kit Scriven, You Woman of Scraps

Pippa Kay, Miasma

Rees Campbell, Eleven Steps

Category B — Short Story

Allan Nicholls, The Sign

Andrew Nest, Breakout

Anne Andrews, Grandad

Black Crow Walking, Rapunzel and the Awakening

Bronwyn MacRitchie, Break In

Christine Johnson, Words from Beyond

Edith Speers, The Flying Fortuna Sister

George Graves, The Track

Gurgica Georgina Chakar, Levisia

Kim Michelle Ross, Reckoning

Kylie Moppert, Not Like Him

Marc Cannella, Distant Fires

Marie Heitz, The Short Story

Ned Stephenson, Son of Prometheus

Peter Court, Mouse Tail

Roslyn Varley, Ghosts

Sarah Bennett, The Parts that Hurt

Sinead Reilly, R&R

Thomas Williamson, The Old Time Swing