Eastlakes writing group will meet from 21st March 2020 – May 2020 UPDATE!

UPDATE – Scheduled meetings of the newly formed Eastlakes writing group were cancelled due to the extended covid-19 lockdown. The Lake Macquarie Libraries (our temporary venue for meetings) are now opening up for visits of 20 minutes at a time, from June 1st onwards. This does not allow our group to meet just yet, but we hope that it won’t be long before things can get going again. We’ll keep you informed.

There is now an opportunity for aspiring writers (both new and more experienced) on the eastern side of the Lake to be part of an enthusiastic and supportive writing group.

Following a meeting at Charlestown Library on 15 February, it was decided to give an Eastlakes writing group a go! To kick off the group the Lake Macquarie Fellowship of Australian Writers (Lake Mac FAW) will partner with Lake Macquarie Libraries to support the group.

To begin, interested writers will meet on the third Saturday of each month from 1.00-2.45 pm in the Charlestown Library. A member of Lake Mac FAW will lead a small critique session in a relaxed and supportive environment. If you are interested, bring a piece of your writing (say, 1000-1500 words, or a poem) and enough copies to share with others (half a dozen perhaps). The first meeting will be held on March 21.

Now is your chance to join the Fellowship of Australian Writers (at $50 annual membership) and make this a viable and worthwhile group! Please email Lake Mac FAW (lakemacfaw2@gmail.com) if you need further information.